Award-Winning Service

Four out of the last six years Lade Ford has been honored with the President’s Award for Customer Service. Very few dealers ever win this award and even fewer as frequently as Lade Ford. We win these awards based on customer satisfaction surverys conducted by Ford Motor Co.

As far as we can tell the thing that sets us apart is we are courteous and friendly to our customers, we don’t pad prices or sell people something they don’t need. In other words, we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

If you are a Lade Ford customer please leave a comment on this page and tell us how we did and how we can improve.

Lade Ford Customer Testimonial TV Commercial (2003)


2 Responses to Award-Winning Service

  1. John B. says:

    Hey, guys! I really enjoyed the experience and I love my new F150!

  2. Norris Wimberley says:

    Ive had the pleasure of buying a couple of trucks from Lade. Ive also had the displeasure of some service work at the large Ford dealer to the North. Never again! I strongly recommend Lade Ford for all your automotive needs.

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